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Trade Pallet Information & Tips

16th January 2022

We list a large quantity of trade / wholesale stock on our website every week - you can view our current stock by clicking on the 'Trade Deals' link on the main menu. Here's a quick guide for new customers with answers to commonly asked questions:

What's the nature of the stock in these trade deals?
Whilst we do occasionally offer bulk deals of brand new stock (which will be clearly mentioned in the description), the majority of our pallets contain clearance and customer returned items from large retailers. As with all customer returned items, you'll find a mix of items which work fine, others with varying faults, and some may function but are missing components or accessories (for example, a Lego set with some pieces missing). Lots of items will come with the original retail box, but not all. 

What guide is there to the total value of each pallet?
Each pallet's title will contain our calculation of the total original retail value of the contents. You can view the full breakdown of this by clicking on the 'Manifest' tab, which lists every item and its original price. Unlike most stock of this nature that you'll see advertised elsewhere, you should find that the 'original price' listed in the manifest is genuinely representative of the current typical new selling price online. We calculate this by taking the price the original customer paid for the item and deducting approximately 10%.

What are the delivery & collection options?
Collections are welcome from our premises in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, but you'll need to contact us with an approximate day/time before arriving. Alternatively, we offer UK mainland pallet delivery for £45 via TPN. Delivery is generally made the next working day for orders placed before 12pm. Whilst we can't specify a specific time for delivery, the local delivery depots are usually very helpful if you call them directly.

How accurate are the manifests?
Our inventory operations are fully barcoded and the manifests should be accurate. However, the descriptions of each item are supplied to us by the original retailer - we don't open the individual boxes to ensure that these descriptions are correct. Occasionally the original customer will have returned a different item in the box and hence it won't match the manifest. As such, we recommend leaving an allowance of 10% for discrepancies. This also works the other way around - if there's spare space on the pallet, we often throw in extra bits and pieces of clearance stock that aren't on the manifest!

How often do more pallets become available?
New trade pallet stock is typically listed every 48 hours. We do have a regular client base, so occasionally stock is initially offered directly to previous customers before being listed for general sale.

How much space will I need?
Our pallets are standard sizes - 1.2m x 1m. All items are placed inside a (very!) large cardboard box which is the same dimensions as the pallet and approximately 1m in height. 

What are the different categories?
You'll notice that we try to broadly categorise the pallets when possible. For example, a 'Toys Pallet' or 'Home & DIY Pallet'. Some customers do prefer a complete mix, hence our 'Mixed Pallets' which contain a wide variety of items.

Why do you sell these pallets to trade buyers?
We deal with huge quantities of stock arriving every week - tens of thousands of items. We've always had a policy of re-selling a subsection of this stock to a network of trade buyers we've built up over several years. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, you'll have noticed the extremely wide variety of different products we stock - everything from toys to furniture to computer components and so on. Our business model is based on selling a large volume of stock, quickly and at low margins. This means that we can't sell items individually which will be too time-consuming for our staff to inspect/test/repair, or that we deem too low-value, or that require specialist knowledge to test. Rather than operate with even larger warehouses and more staff than we currently do, we simply sell some of the stock in bulk to traders for them to make a profit from instead.

I've never bought stock like this before... what's your top advice?
We occasionally get new customers who purchase these pallets from us and expect everything to work, everything to be in pristine packaging and that they'll make 10x their money back within a week... please remember that all of this stock has been returned by a previous customer. Whilst this certainly doesn't mean that everything will be broken, you will need to inspect each item carefully. Inexperienced buyers also tend to focus too much on just selling the items that can be sold as new. You need to find the value in every item - whether that means repairing it, selling it as faulty/damaged/incomplete, dealing with the manufacturer to arrange a warranty replacement or selling parts. There's not much in this world that's worthless when you're paying less than 15% of the original retail price!

A case study..!
A new customer came to view one of our 'Mixed Pallets'. When they arrived, they asked if they could pick out 5 random items with us to get an idea of the condition. We gladly agreed and made a note of the examples to share with you on this page...

1. Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down King Size Duvet 13.5 Tog Winter Duvet King Size - £98.50. Box was very tatty and completely crushed on one corner with a hole in the cardboard. Previous shipping labels stuck to the box. Inside, the actual duvet appeared unused and in perfect condition.

2. Joseph Joseph Bread Bin with Cutting Board Lid, White - £32. Had clearly suffered some damage during shipping, with a dent on one side. Still appeared perfectly usable and could be sold at a reduced price.

3. LEGO 42111 Technic Fast & Furious Dom's Dodge Charger Racing Car Model - £71. Box had previously been opened. Looked as if all the parts were probably there, but was difficult to be certain. A quick search on eBay showed it was still quite valuable even if pieces were missing.

4. CTEK MXS 5.0 Car Battery Charger with Automatic Temperature Compensation - £69. Box had been opened. LEDs lit up fine when plugged in to the mains, but not feasible to properly test without connecting it to a battery or vehicle.

5. Disney's Frozen 2 Queen Iduna Lullaby Set with Elsa and Anna Dolls - £43. Previous shipping label stuck to the box, but box was still sealed as new.
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